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Focus Areas

What We do

Our organization is managed by a team of high caliber professionals with excellent track records, who have forged long-term relationships with industry. We strive to constantly learn from our experiences, innovating and reinventing with an eye on present and future developments in our areas of expertise. We partner with our clients at each step to provide customized solutions for a range of businesses and industries - from startups to large global organizations.

We specialize in

Data Science

Are you facing challenges finding the right professional for your data science requirements?

Are you looking for a Data Scientist but getting Data Engineers? Let us help you.

Data sciences jobs are multidisciplinary and require people who are have the ability to link analytics to data and create value for the organization. You would want to hire talented resources who are technically sound from a data analysis perspective but at the same time also have the story telling skills to translate the data driven insights to decisions and actions. We will work with you to find the right resource for any data science profile you are looking for. 

Digital Marketing & Analytics

Digital is at the heart of business strategy at present. It is executed via websites, search, social media or content, whether to create the brand for your company or acquiring prospects. The ideal candidate for a digital role should be able to understand the dynamics of the business along with digital marketing and analytics data. We understand that this requires keen-eyed experts to translate captured data into reports on customer behaviors, which would reveal the most effective techniques to increase conversions and drive results. This means a direct impact of the analysts on customer satisfaction and revenue. We are truly committed to the digital industry and enable you to find the candidates with that specialist mix of digital skills.

Marketing Research/Consumer Insights

Marketing researchers help companies make better decisions by collating data from the field or other sources and deriving insights from them. Using primary and secondary research, these professionals are an invaluable asset in today’s customer - centric world and help in the development and marketing of new products. It is their responsibility to identify and monitor competitors and research conditions or changes in the industry that may affect business.



​Fraud & Risk Analytics

Working in regulatory environments, these strategic professionals solve business problems with analytical insights in the dynamic space of commercial and consumer lending, banking and financial services consulting.

Practice Areas
  • Financial Services

  • Retail 

  • Telecom & Technology

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Campaign Analytics

  • Digital Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Data Management

  • Outsourcing

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Financial & Professional Services

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