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Hire Talent

Why Us

Our combined 25+ years of strong analytics industry experience is our strength, leading to

Networks: A strong network in the analytics industry, will help in targeting passive job seekers as our research shows that more than 60% of job seekers are passive
Partnerships: We are partnering with LinkedIn to help us out with branding and staffing solutions. We are also looking at partnering with top schools and leading training institutes.

Our 4-Phase Approach

HexaConcepts makes the process easy and transparent. We want to be your extended team and support you in finding a right talent in expedient manner with our 4-phase approach.

Staffing, Hiring Process

Through out the 4-phase staffing process, we will work with you closely and ensure that you have an effective and positive experience with us.

Profile Prerequisite

HexaConcepts Role:

  • We will have an in-depth dialogue to clearly  understand your business, requirement and what are you trying to accomplish with this hire

  • We will assess the challenges you are facing in your search for right candidate. As per the input we can help you in creating and designing the position profile.

  • We will determine the interview process, identify who will be conducting the interviews and provide feedback to the recruiter throughout the process.

Client's Role:

  • Approval on company description and job description

  • Inputs on any specific companies and/or candidates you would like us to target


HexaConcepts Role:

  • Identify ideal candidate profile and companies to target

  • Create a list of candidates matching with position profile via

    • Job portals

    • Social networks

    • Internal database

    • Private Networks

  • Pursue the top candidates using our recruiting methods and practices in order to qualify them both qualitatively and quantitatively

    • Resume Screening

    • Profile Validation

    • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interview

    • Video and Skype Interviews

  • We will provide you the comprehensive  summary

  • Coordinate interview process and help gather strategic interview questions

  • Review and assess candidate with client; determine next steps

Client's Role:

  • Approve the candidate profile

  • View candidate video, when submitted

  • Shortlist the candidates to be interviewed

  • Provide the dates and times to schedule the interview

  • Provide us with timely post-interview feedback


HexaConcepts Role:

  • We can assist you (if required)

    • Market compensation parameters

    • Offer negotiations

    • Counsel candidates on acceptance process

    • Monitor the resignation process

Client's Role:

  • Prepare to make an offer to the final candidate

  • Prepare for negotiations

  • Establish a start-date


HexaConcepts Role:

  • We will contact you post hire to assess satisfaction levels with the hire.

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